Feng Shui closet memoirs - Decor

Feng Shui closet memoirs - Decor

Ready for the next step of Feng Shui closet makeover? After the decluttering, organizing and creating categorized sections, you’re on to the decor. The first phase creates order and prevents panic attacks when you open your closet. This next phase brings a sense of who you are to your closet decor and creates a serene environment for your daily dressing routine.

Setting the atmosphere of your closet creates a calm, inviting and pleasant space to house your precious wearable art creations. In the styling of your closet, you can reflect your personal aesthetic. Extend your home decor to your closet space for a holistic design approach to your living space. This can be achieved with proper lighting, scents and visual stimulation. Numerous options exist for closets of any size and style. The first step is the style theme. Is it industrial, classic, modern, contemporary, traditional, Victorian, minimalist, bohemian, rustic, country, coastal, or glam? It is possible that it’s a mix of styles as well. Many also love Mediterranean, Spanish, French, Italian, Venetian, Greek, Persian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Baroque, Asian inspiration. To get start, I suggest first deciding on the style code you will keep. Then look for inspiration. References to model will help with direction you take to achieve your closet style decor makeover.

For reference, I dive into the below sources, but this is of course for my style. For your style, you will have to determine the best sources.

  • Architectural Digest
  • Restoration Hardware
  • 1stdibs
  • Gilt
  • Pinterest


Having proper lighting can boost the decor level and alleviate frustration of not seeing all the options clearly. Lighting as a styling element becomes dual purpose of providing light and styling. Depending on the size of the space, chandeliers, lamps, and sconce give an elegant look. The choice of ceiling, wall, table or floor lights in different aesthetics are endless. Pick lighting that suits your needs and exemplifies your styling theme.


To add aromatherapy, sachets, oil diffusers, and scented candles are a nice addition. Some sachets are dual purpose as both a scent and a moth repellent. Lavender and jasmine are generally liked by most and not too overpowering to linger on your clothes. If you have a scent you love, try it in a suitable form for your closet. Scented flower lilies, evening primrose, roses or gardenia are a nice choice. However, flowers might not be the best aromatic options for those with allergies. The main tip for scents is stay with natural scents that are a bit neutral and that you and your partner favor. Go for a scent that creates a relaxing sensation.


Explore your creativity with inserting some functional and decorative elements to match your selected theme. For walk-in closets and dressing rooms the use of seating, plants, figurines, sculptures, trays and geodes add to the ambiance.

Place purposeful visual reminders strategically. Aisha RTW women find using images of their style icon reminds them of their intentional style look. My ladies know people form a perception based on how one looks, and so they are mindful of this every day. The art of dressing should never exclude dressing for your own enjoyment but with intent. Your visual aids can serve as reminder of this dressing rule. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Therefore keep a mirror near your closet and your entrance to do a glance over your outfit to ensure your personal brand image delivers your desired message to the world.

A few examples of visuals you can get creative with

  • Style icon imagery can be in the form of a picture, photograph, painting, artwork, illustration or page from a magazine.
  • The use of quotes posted in the closet is another way to creatively express dressing intentions.
  • A full body mirror is recommended. However, you can get creative with additional tabletop and wall mirrors.
  • Seating, such as benches ottomans and stone and wood block with cushion, go well.
  • Plant accent options are orchids, boxwood, moss  and succulents. Again, this can also be another plant you love which is suitable for the space you have

In phase two you have completed your Feng Shui Closet Makeover. If you have implemented these steps into making over your own closet, share your experience with us on social media. Share your before and after closet pictures with us on social media using hashtag #AishaRTW.

In the Aisha RTW blog, we aspire to provide empowerment, inspiration and styling tips with the incorporation of Feng Shui. Aisha RTW is a Feng Shui conscious lifestyle women’s ready-to-wear brand offering dresses, capes, coats, scarves and handbags. On this blog, we are dedicated to spreading knowledge on how to incorporate Feng Shui into the art of dressing and the fashion world.


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