New Collection: East Meets West - Inspired by Qin Shi and the Terracotta Warriors

Introducing the Luna 2-piece dress from our Terra Cotta collection, named after the moon and designed to exude feminine elegance with a hint of subtlety. This ensemble features a cropped back zip open top with neck loops holding a loose band that can be tied according to the wearer's preference, paired with a wide flare skirt with a waistband that can also be tied for added versatility. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Luna dress is perfect for cocktail parties or special evenings, offering a chic and refined look with ease.

Manufactured: Benin, West Africa

Maintenance: Dry Clean Only

Model height and wearing size: 171 cm wearing size 40

Product identification no. 24D16


Color: Vitality Pink, symbolizing love, harmony, and tenderness.

Length: Midi-length

Style: Ideal for cocktail events, this outfit seamlessly combines comfort and chic for an impeccable appearance. Striking the perfect balance between sophistication and allure.

Details: Every element of this cropped top and skirt set dress has been meticulously crafted to enhance the silhouette and create a sensational look.

Material: Luxurious light wool blend fabric for ultimate comfort and style.

Feng Shui: Embrace the positive energies of Feng Shui with the Luna dress. Pink represents the soft, calming energy of Yin, while the structured cut and belt add a touch of vitality and Yang energy, creating a harmonious balance. By wearing Luna, you attract harmony and balance into your life, while expressing your elegance and style with grace.

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