New Collection: East Meets West - Inspired by Qin Shi and the Terracotta Warriors

Introducing the "Shea" dress, a masterpiece of sophistication and elegance from our new collection inspired by Qin Shi and the Terracotta Warriors. This organza mini dress redefines contemporary style with its open center back and asymmetric front breast panels, paired with a structured waistband and slight bell-shaped skirt for a touch of femininity. With a high center back zip closure leading to an open center back and back waist zip closure, the Shea dress exudes modern charm and timeless allure.

Manufactured: Benin, West Africa

Maintenance: Dry Clean Only

Model height and wearing size: 171 cm wearing size 40

Product identification no. 24D03


Color: Champagne, exuding timeless elegance and subtle sophistication.

Length: Mini Dress

Style: Ultra-chic cocktail look, perfect for a variety of events.

Details: The open back detail offers a distinctive feature that draws the eye and adds an extra dimension to this classic dress.

Material: Crafted from organza for a truly elevated and luxurious appearance.

Feng Shui: The earthy Terra Cotta hue of the dress evokes a sense of grounding and stability, aligning with the principles of Feng Shui to create a harmonious environment. The flowing silhouette represents the free flow of energy, allowing the wearer to move with grace and confidence. By embodying harmony and balance, the Shea dress empowers the wearer to exude confidence and elegance in every step.

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