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The world of Aisha is about celebrating life and inviting people to take part in this celebration of life and all it offers. The Aisha brand consists of women’s ready to wear dresses, capes, coats, handbags and scarves all inspired by Feng Shui. The materials used are fine fabrics and some organic materials which ensure their superior quality and continued existence. Inspiration is drawn from Feng Shui as well as from nature, art, and architecture. The brand’s distinct aesthetic reflects this inspiration in addition to some teachings from fashion industry icon Alexander McQueen, who the designer apprenticed under. Aisha RTW epitomizes timeless, stylish, effortlessly chic ready-to-wear for quintessential dressing.


The AISHA Woman

The Aisha woman is the eminent woman of today’s world. She seeks all that is practical and comfortable yet luxurious and stylish. She appreciates the world where rich simplicity meets elaborate, ornate designs. She shares the passion we all have to reach a level of balance, harmony, and love. She communicates in a language style that reflects this passion for life. She is an individual conscious of her thoughts, concepts desires, powers, interests, and dreams.

The Aisha brand features women’s ready-to-wear dresses, capes, coats, handbags and scarves.


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