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Aisha’s foray into design began when she was four years old and started to draw. Over the years, her vision has developed as a means of self-expression. Early childhood international exposure to travel and a diverse network fostered the love to travel and experience diverse cultures. Her appreciation of art, architecture, nature and multi-cultural international cities inspire her work and influence her design aesthetic.


During her teenage years, runway icons like Iman and Cindy Crawford, along with style references such as Harper’s Bazaar, influenced her decision to model and compete in pageants. Witnessing a designer develop a concept into a finished piece sparked her interest in designing pieces she envisioned for others and herself. Naturally, she then learned how to sew and work with designers to create clothing. She was fascinated by the different aspects of the fashion process as well as the behind-the-scenes activities. Compelled by the desire to be in the fashion world, her passion for women’s clothing design was born.


To further cultivate her skills, Aisha studied the different stages of design and the fashion business in NY, Italy, and the UK. She trained at three of the top fashion schools. She attended FIT in NY as part of her undergrad studies. In Italy, she attended Istituto Marangoni’s fashion design program where she learned the full process of developing a collection from conception to production. She also received a master’s degree in Luxury Business Management from Polimoda International Institute where she traveled Italy to attend insightful lectures by top executives of premium Italian brands as part of the program. Attending these schools afforded her the opportunity to study and work with stellar firms in the fashion business.


During an interval from design school in Italy, she continued her development in a real business setting in the design room at Rachel Roy NY. After leaving Italy, she had the memorable experience of interning at Alexander McQueen, focusing on embroidery, beading, and print-pattern design. Aisha considered it an honor to have worked in the McQueen Design Studio; to hear his design instructions, and witness his approach to design. It was at Alexander McQueen that she developed a different perspective on designing by breaking the body into sections, designing each part separately and then combining all into a finished piece. From there she went to work for a few other prestigious luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Cartier in positions that interfaced with the client for a better understanding of the clientele. All of these experiences are brought together in the aesthetic and vision of the brand.


Aisha, (EYE-sha) a name that means “alive and well” or “life,” is just that—a brand that celebrates the sheer beauty of living. The tagline, “Quintessential dressing, outfitting beautiful life,” conveys this concept. Having a beautiful, happy life is her wish for all. Some years ago, Aisha became interested in Feng Shui. She saw first-hand the benefits of arranging her possessions and life according to this practice. The more she studied Feng Shui, the more she applied it to her life, and the more she noticed positive results. Incorporating Feng Shui into her existence has been such an enjoyable experience that she strives to include all she learned from Feng Shui in the brand. The collections will include subtle references to Feng Shui in regards to the themes, colors and symbols used. Aisha’s hope is by integrating Feng Shui; she delivers a beautiful product that also makes the wearer feel enlightened.


Her training, professional and life experiences, have influenced her design perspective. As a woman, she understands that women enjoy wearing practical garments that are not only beautiful but make them feel good as well. It is her goal to stimulate happiness in all those who wear AISHA RTW.

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