Frequently Asked Questions

If you are seeking more information not covered here, please message us at info@aishartw.com, and we will be happy to connect with you regarding your inquiry!


What justifies the brand being labeled luxury designer rtw? 

  1. AISHA RTW creations are top-tier garments inside out with unique European-centric designs done for the most discerning eye and the highest aesthetic taste level.
  2. The quality, materials, and couture-like construction resonate with top-tier premium luxury rtw brands that typically sell for 3x more and never make it to a sale. 
  3. AISHA RTW creations have a longevity of wear. There are clients who rave they have had pieces for 10 years plus that they wear, and those pieces are still in impeccable condition and in timeless styles, still revenant for today’s fashion scene. We have a 1 year guarantee on all products, but truly you can wear these pieces for a lifetime and pass them down due to the super high-quality materials, textiles, and garment construction. 


What is the design style? 

The design is timeless cosmopolitan chic, with some avant-garde pieces throughout the collections. 

Custom is designed with the client’s personality, lifestyle, and preferences on fit, style, aesthetic, and comfort needs in mind. 


What is the price range? 

Signature collection dresses and coats are typically $1000 - $2500

Limited Edition collections dresses and coats are typically $1250 - $3000

Custom dresses start at $1000

Custom coats start at $2000

Scarves collection $450 - $1500

Limited Edition scarves $650 - $1850

Custom scarves start at $750


What are the sizes available?

As the brand is a no-waste pre-order business, any size wanted can be ordered. The individual custom profile, which includes measurements, fit, style, and preference, allows for the best and most comfortable fit.


Is it possible to see and try on the custom garment prior to completion? 

Yes, of course! We do life sketches to share, and we can also send you a toile so you can try the prototype on. 


Is there worldwide delivery?

Yes, Aisha, the chief designer, went to design schools representing over 165 countries, so quite early started to work with clients worldwide. 


What is the process for a custom order?

1. Once ordered, we will connect with you to create your client fit and preferences profile to make your custom order.

2. Next, we'll work with you on the selection of materials, features, and design. Following this communication, you'll receive the final sketch, materials, cost, and ETA for your approval. Once you approve, we'll start creating your custom garment.

3. Lastly, enjoy the arrival of your custom garment. We ask that you try your garment on once you receive it and notify us within 3 days if there is any concern.

Email special custom requests to info@aishartw.com.


How long does it take to get a custom order?

AISHA RTW has a quick turnaround time to complete the an order. Normally, the time frame can be 2 - 4 weeks. However, the exact time it takes to get a custom order depends on the design, features, materials, and techniques used to create the garment. Once the total selection is made, we will share the time frame to complete it.


What materials are used, and where is it from? 

Fine tweeds, bouclés, wools, cashmere, silks, linens, cotton plus. Sturdy, durable, long fibers ...

Aisha, the chief designer, developed an affinity for Italian fabric while attending design schools in Italy, so textiles are primarily from Italy. Occasionally from France, Great Britain, and Switzerland.


What differentiates AISHA RTW design from other custom brands?

 *The design is timeless cosmopolitan chic with avant-garde touches.

  1. The design approach is taking the body separating it into parts, and designing each part. Then each part’s design is reconstructed to create a finished garment and look based on the inspiration and client profile. 
  2. A red line of courage is included on all brand clothing which is an interior center back line of red trim. We call this the, red line of courage. 
  3. About 90% of the brand product is utilitarian luxury. We maintain the luxury look while including practical, functional, utilitarian features strategically placed like hidden pockets. Additionally, some garments are even transformable. 

Custom is designed with the client’s personality, lifestyle, and preferences on fit, style, aesthetic, and comfort needs in mind. 


What differentiates the remote tailor experience from other luxury fashion brands?

We use an app for clients to take and submit their measurements. We also have limited in-person fittings in Boston and New York. The initial order process includes creating a client fit profile considering the client’s body type, measurements, preferences for fit, style, and aesthetic. We review this profile with all clients before creating their piece/s. 

(For clients interested in referencing Feng Shui, we help them discover their element to also take into consideration for creating the client’s personalized or custom garment.)


 Where are the clothes made?

Currently in New York. With our expansion, we are adding European production.


Is Feng Shui still incorporated? If so how and what's the benefit to me as a client?

Yes! By referencing Feng Shui in fashion design, we can more precisely cater to your personality, lifestyle, and preferences with reference to FS to deliver the ultimate individualized look and meet your comfort needs. We help clients discover their Feng Shui element and incorporate the best-suited features (colors, cuts, textures, details) for the client based on their element. Your Feng Shui birth element is according to your birth date! Clients typically say the Feng Shui element profile embodies the essence of who they are. It mirrors their personality. Clients that have been skeptical rave about how spot-on their element is in describing them. Now everyone has traces of all elements, but your element will be the closest description of you. Wearing colors, silhouettes, cuts, textures, etc., per your element, enhances your presence.  


Can orders be returned and the client refunded?

We have an excellent track record for leaving our clients satisfied and happy with their personalized and custom orders. Our alteration rate is close to zero because we take great care and consideration to create a client fit profile that best suits them. Because of this, all items are made especially for you and your body. Therefore, we cannot offer returns unless there is a genuine manufacturing error.  

We will review your measurements and fit profile with you in advance to ensure that the fit is precisely yours, so you receive the best-fitting AISHA garment. We ask that you try your garment on once you receive it and notify us within 3 days if there is any concern. Ultimately, please be reassured we will always rectify any issue you may have with our clothing. 


What if I need alterations after I get my order?

The chance of this with our process is low. However, should you need alterations, we will work with you to achieve the finished look and fit you desire. 


Are cancelations possible?

We are so excited to develop your creation and for you to receive it. Please immediately let us know if there are any concerns for us to address. Due to our costs and process, cancellation 3 days after the order is submitted will result in a forfeit of the deposit. (It covers the cost of administration, fabric allocation, and pattern preparation associated with your order. ) We cannot refund costs related to fabrics sourced on demand. It’s not possible to cancel once the order is completed, but we will, of course, work with you to ensure you are happy with your purchase. It’s our goal to create a wonderful purchasing experience with us and make you happy with your AISHA garment. 

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