New Collection: East Meets West - Inspired by Qin Shi and the Terracotta Warriors

Introducing the "Serenity" dress, a graceful addition to our Terra Costra collection, exuding tranquility in its peach hue. This majestic piece, inspired by Qin Shi and the Terracotta Warriors, features a wide neckline and rushing on the sleeves, with a high waist seam and back zip for effortless elegance. Its generous length and refined cut offer versatility, allowing it to be cinched according to preference, while meticulously crafted details add sophistication.

Manufactured: Benin, West Africa

Maintenance: Dry Clean Only

Model height and wearing size: 171 cm wearing size 40

Product identification no. 24FD02


Color: Smoked Peach, reminiscent of serenity and tranquility.

Length: Long for an elegant and flowing silhouette.

Style: Refined casual, blending luxury with simplicity for a timeless appeal.

Details: Graceful wide neckline with a high-waist and sleeve cinching feature

Material: Cool to the skin cotton wool blend.

Feng Shui: The Serenity dress embodies a goddess-like silhouette with its refined and majestic style. It's imposing majesty sublimely blends in a casual style, offering a striking contrast, symbolizing the union between luxury and simplicity, essential harmony in the art of Feng Shui.

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