1st Benin Remarkable AISHA Lady Highlight Spotlight Client Appreciation

Remarkable AISHA Lady Highlight

Introducing our inaugural Remarkable AISHA Lady highlight: Ms. Imelda Wadagni, a cherished friend and client of our house, becomes the first lady to grace our client spotlight in Benin.
Imelda, a native of Benin, has navigated life across Senegal, Benin, France, and the United States. With nine years of experience at Deloitte, she honed her expertise in auditing, accounting, and consulting, eventually founding her own consulting firm in 2017. Under her guidance, the firm, Wica Consulting has flourished into a prominent organization, delivering exceptional audit outcomes, precise accounting services, and invaluable consulting to clients. Additionally, Imelda is a partner at Sodexca Benin.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Imelda is deeply involved in philanthropy, inspired by her father's legacy. She actively supports through her organization in Benin dedicated to aiding the underprivileged through education, crisis relief, and empowering small businesses. Despite her busy schedule, Imelda remains a devoted mother to her 12-year-old son.
Imelda discovered AISHA Luxury Fashion Design in September of last year and has quickly become a valued patron. She appreciates the brand's offerings for their versatility, seamlessly transitioning from professional to social settings and special occasions. According to Imelda, "AISHA Luxury Fashion Design provides the choices I need to dress impeccably for every aspect of my life."
Imelda above featuring The Qin Liangyu Hooded dress
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