New Collection: East Meets West - Inspired by Qin Shi and the Terracotta Warriors

Introducing the "Maisie" dress from our Terra Cotta collection, a signature AISHA design inspired by the spirit of Qin Shi and the Terracotta Warriors. This tailored dress embodies elegance and sophistication, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and sumptuous elements that captivate the eye. With its folded over collar, long sleeves, top wide generous pockets, and back zip closure, the Maisie dress exudes power and harmony, elevating any occasion with its presence.

Manufactured: Benin, West Africa

Maintenance: Dry Clean Only

Model height and wearing size: 171 cm wearing size 40

Product identification no. 24D06


Color: Rose mauve with ivory lines embellishment, symbolizing power and harmony in Feng Shui principles.

Style: Suited for modern, dynamic women, the Maisie dress is ideal for professional occasions where confidence and charisma are essential.

Details: Every aspect of this dress is carefully crafted to provide sumptuous details that add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your look.

Material: Crafted from a lightweight wool suiting blend, ensuring a chic and sophisticated appearance.

Feng Shui Infusion: Embrace the balance between fire and metal with the Maisie dress. The Rose mauve color with hints of white symbolizes the harmonious balance between fire and metal, bringing energy and protection to the wearer. Inspired by ancient warrior women, the Maisie dress exudes an aura of strength and determination, empowering the wearer to conquer any challenge with grace and confidence.

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