New Collection: East Meets West - Inspired by Qin Shi and the Terracotta Warriors

Introducing the Mulan dress, a captivating blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary elegance, inspired by the timeless legacy of Qin Shi and the Terracotta Warriors. Meticulously crafted with intricate pleats, this dress exudes sophistication and grace. Its deep front opening and zipped back add a modern twist, while a small waistband accentuates the feminine silhouette. Hidden side seam pockets provide both functionality and style, while the knee-length cut offers versatility for any occasion. With its impeccable design and attention to detail, the Mulan dress is a true testament to the beauty of cultural fusion and timeless style.

Manufactured: Benin, West Africa

Maintenance: Dry Clean Only

Model height and wearing size: 171 cm wearing size 40

Product identification no. 24D05


Color: Khaki

Length: Midi-length

Style: Meticulously worked pleats symbolize strength and determination.

Details: Subtle yet sublime opening at the front, adding a touch of mystery and sophistication.

Material: High-quality Lightweight Wool Suiting fabric for fluid and graceful draping.

Feng Shui: The khaki color represents stability and grounding, promoting a sense of balance and resilience. The deep front opening and subtle details invites positive energy and confidence into the wearer's life.

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