Designer, Aisha’s story on how she became inspired by Feng Shui for Women’s Luxury Fashion Brand, AISHA RTW

Designer, Aisha’s story on how she became inspired by Feng Shui for Women’s Luxury Fashion Brand, AISHA RTW

How in the world did I, a young lady fresh out of college when my only connection to Feng Shui and Chinese culture, is a half Chinese great grandmother who passed before I was born, start to follow Feng Shui? Now that I am immersed in the world of Feng Shui, I recognize that some of the cultural habits, family traditions might have rooted in Feng Shui. As a 1st generation American with Caribbean parents, my mom from Trinidad, and my father from St. Lucia, my culture is mixed. On my mother’s side, there is African, Indian, and Chinese influence because of the country’s population. But then there is also the British influence because the Island was last conquered by the British. On my father’s side, there is African influence from the population and French by way of Guadeloupe, where his parents were born and because the French colonized St. Lucia. Maybe the impact of my father’s side drew/ attracted me to my husband, who is French. Anyway, back to my journey with Feng Shui. In a sense, I think I was already following some basic Feng Shui based on my mother’s traditions but didn’t know I was. 

I’ve been following Feng Shui so long that it’s a natural reference in my life. It’s hard for me to remember the exact moment when I decided to start following Feng Shui. Well, what I can say is that I naturally gravitated to Feng Shui. After college, I began my journey towards achieving a holistic lifestyle. I was very much into zen meditation, yoga, clean, healthy eating, and became a pescatarian. Naturally, my readings aligned with this lifestyle, and I discovered Feng Shui. I instantaneously developed an appreciation for the concept and lifestyle guidance of Feng Shui and at once began the incorporation of Feng Shui in my life.

Gradually, I incorporated Feng Shui into every aspect of my life. I started by reading tons of books on Feng Shui, everything I can put my hands on to do so knowledgeably. Both from the library, purchased books and online. Yes, at that time, people still frequented the library. It was initially a process. I understood the theories and concepts but had to learn the best way to approach integrating Feng Shui. It took me some time, maybe even some years. The foundational aspects I quickly grasped and executed as it correlates with my ideology.

Over time, I realized the importance of all resonating with me. Therefore, not using trinkets that have zero connection to me. This brings me to one of the most important rules I have for Feng Shui that has made all the difference in my experience with Feng Shui. The application of Feng Shui has to resonate with the individual and invigorate the energy being channeled. One can merge their own culture into their practice of a Feng Shui and should. It’s essential for the components used to be true to the individuals.

Feng Shui principles are my essential building blocks, so naturally, it manifested in my work and design for AISHA RTW. The inspiration for Feng Shui is my authentic approach to the design process. It also excites me to share the precious part of my world with AISHA Ladies. For the women who follow Feng Shui, she can appreciate the presence of Feng Shui in her fashion. For those who do not follow Feng Shui, there are still features and characteristics of the AISHA RTW brand that they can also appreciate. It is for women in general, not just women who follow Feng Shui. In the end, we want our clients, the AISHA Woman, to feel great in her AISHA dress. All women can appreciate this, and this is what I want to bring women with uses of Feng Shui.

More about AISHA RTW Feng Shui Inspiration here in the article, " The World of AISHA Design merged with Feng Shui Inspiration."

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